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Starship Referece Information

Star Trek Ships: Expanded - UFP: Starfleet - Ships seen in Star Trek


Starship Schematic Database - An excellent site for ships

Ex Astris Scientia - Bernd Schneider's Star Trek Website - As it says

Starfleet Vessels Introduction - Another source of ship information

Starfleet Ship Designs - Yet another source......very canonical with vidcaps

Fabrux's Starship Page - Another source of info and ship designs

Adam Heinbuch's SapphireEclipse Productions - Great alternate source for high quality ship charts


Official Star Trek Information and other information

STAR TREK: CONTINUUM - The Official Star Trek site

STAR TREK: The Magazine - The Offical Magazine...lots of info!

JK2 Costumers - The source for high quality Starfleet Uniforms

Psi Phi - News and Reviews

TREKSITES.COM -- The Ultimate Address for Trek - A source for Trek

You Can't Do That On Star Trek - Star Trek in a humourous vein

Star Trek Forums

The TNO Forums - powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board

Flare Sci-Fi Forums - powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board

SciFi Art Forums - powered by the Ultimate Bulletin Board


Friends of Starfleet Operating Forces

Outpost Gallifrey - The source for Dr. Who and Convention news

Darkstar: The Science Fiction & Gaming Club at UCSD - San Diego's premier Science Fivtion club...20 years strong!

Assignment Macintosh - Los Angeles' only Science Fiction Macintosh User Group

Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society - The world's oldest and largest general speculative fiction. Founded in 1934, they currently run local scince fiction conventions.