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Janine LeGrand as Lt. Cmdr. T"Pere Janine LeGrand and Stephanie Walker
Janine LeGrand at Phantasmicon '78
These photos were taken during Phantasmicon 1978. Those pictured were James R. Terry, Jr., Janine LeGrand and Stephanie Walker. Those not pictured but on the bridge set were Tom Safer, Riley Ratanakasakorn, Sue Clegan, Jatona Walker and David Keller.
Janine LeGrand and James R. Terry, Jr. James R. Terry, Jr circa 1979 in new uniform
The next series of photographs were taken in front of the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on June, 1982. This was a special event for SFOF, photograped by the Los Angeles Times and the London Sun Times. We met at the home of James R. Terry, Jr.'s to get changed and made up, then we proceeded to the theater for pictures. The Chinese Theater even held up the showing of Star Trek II so we all could get in. Those participating in the photos were Steve Smyth, Amber Kessels, Richard Luttropp, Jr., Patti Cox, John Whiting, John Birdwell, Barry Rau, Zandra Talbot and James R. Terry,Jr. Those who were in the group but were unable to be photographed were Marilyn Spiteri, David Maples, Patricia Smith, Diane Thedford, Greg Dienhart and Jim Busby.
James R. Terry, Jr. manning the Information Desk at LA Con III, the 1996 Worldcon James R. Terry, Jr. manning the SFOF table at The Tenth Planet of Gallifrey One in 1999. Next to him is Kate Duncan of the Space - Above and Beyond table.
James R. Terry, Jr. at the 1999 San Diego Comiccon.