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3/13/00: Updated Awards page to include the Time Meddlers. We were featured in thier January issue.

2/23/00: Fixed e-mail addresses on a couple of Board of Directors members including the webmaster.

2/18/00: The Iith Hour of Gallfrey One, some of our crewmembers attended and were also on either committee or staff. We also had flyers at the flyers area.

1/18/00: Created individual starship pages and made them clickable from the starships page.

1/1/00: Happy New Year and Happy Holidays from us at SFOF.

11/26/99: We will attending Loscon XXVI at the Burbank Airport Hilton. We will be there all weekend.

9/16/99 : Made changes to Enfield page which now includes an extensive biography.

9/6/99 : Tweaked Biography page to state the possibility of additions of other characters to it.. Added lighter Sovereign class graphic for consistancy. Applied for a couple of awards, still pending as to results.

8/21/99 : Tweaked character pages and included new Sovereign class graphic in the starships page. Added pic of James Terry, Jr. at Comicon 99.

8/10/99 : San Diego Comicon Announcement - Kathryn Hedges and James R. Terry, Jr. of the SFOF BoD will be at Comicon Friday, Saturday and Sunday (August 13-15). Look for our flyers or just say hi, we would love to talk to you. Also, we are going to be at Nasfic in Orange County, California on August 27-29, again, we will have flyers and the BoD will be there for discussion and general info.

8/9/99 : Sent out official announcement of the site's exsisitence. We will be on search engines shortly.

8/8/99 : Finished checking links and re-uploaded them. Created the Guidelines page for submitting fan fiction.

8/7/99 : Submitted site offically to Board of Directors for opinions. Gave assignments out for Newsletter page.

8/1/99 : Finished Timeline updates on all pages. Finished bios on characters, awaiting recent bios to finish. Started online Newsletter, should be done by ComicCon. Corrected a couple of links, a few typos, and improved wording. Pictures and Starships pages are finished. Finished Information page as well. Big announcement via e-mail is scheduled before ComicCon. I will have flyers at ComicCon.

7/24/99 : Created Biography pages for Caffey, Serek, Enfield and Murdock. Created Starship page.

7/23/99 : Linked all pages together and put in Board of Directors in Credits Page

7/22/99 : Created the Awards, Pictures, Credits, Newsletter and Fiction pages.

7/21/99 : Tweaked Biographies and title buttons as well as create new title buttons for pages.

7/20/99 : Added Newsletter/Fan Fiction Banner and corrected more links. Added Assignment:Macintosh button

7/19/99 : Added Bios/etc. banner and linked to appropriate pages. Corrected e-mail addresses

7/18/99 : Starfleet Operating Forces is online. Added Cordelia Naismith Biography shortly afterward.


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